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Author: Adam Fortuna (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: June 6, 2007 10:23 PM
Version: 0.4
Views: 73,632
Downloads: 222
License: Apache License, Version 2


ColdCourse uses Rails style URL routing to convert a "pretty" URL to the event or fuseaction based URLs used by most Coldfusion frameworks. Instead of going to a URL such as


You can have the same resource available at


Additional parameters can be used which are then converted to URLs variables. For instance you may want to access:
Which would, by default, be the same as accessing

Another example may be a blog where you want to be able to view by date where you had a URL such as:
Which you want to list all blog posts from February 2007. This would then route to something similar to

Additionally, Coldcourse can handle keeping your URLs unique. Once installed you wouldn't want to have 2 URLs available with the same content. Coldcourse handles making sure only one such location for each URL exists.

This is heavily based on the amazing routes system written by Rob Cameron & Per Djurner for Coldfusion on Wheels (http://www.cfwheels.com/) which is responsible a huge majority of the codebase.

Recent Blog Entries:


Any ColdFusion server should be able to run the short form if you don't mind your URLs looking like http://localhost/index.cfm/controller/action.

If you want your URLs to be even prettier (http://localhostcontroller/action) you must be able to run either .htaccess files, which is enabled with apache, or be running IIS and be able to
install an Isapi filter for URL rewriting. Most windows shared hosts are not able to run the
minimized version.

Coldcourse has not been tested on many CF servers or alternate OS's, but it does work on IIS/apache and
linux/windows with ColdFusion 7 and 8. Here are the basics of what would be needed for other CF servers:
cgi.path_info and cgi.script_name variables.
application scope (although it could be configured to work without it).
Application.cfc/Application.cfm (out of the box this is where the application scope is set, although that could easily be changed).

Issue Tracker:

4 variable name error Open 01/08/09 9:48 PM
6 Problem w/ .htaccess and ModelGlue.unity.view.viewGenerator Open 09/16/08 10:10 AM
5 Index missing Open 03/01/08 8:02 AM
1 Stop page processing after cfheader calls Fixed 06/06/07 10:24 PM
3 Fix capitalization for files Fixed 06/06/07 10:24 PM

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